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Buy Alexandrine parrots for Sale

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The Alexandrine Parrot is a very popular pet bird that was named after Alexander the Great.

They are known as the “gentle birds with large beaks.” Not only are they beautiful, they were also considered prized possessions for royalty


Product Description

Buy Alexandrine parrots for Sale – Buy Alexandrine parakeet for sale

Buy Alexandrine parrots for Sale are not as cuddly as a Cockatoo, but they are very intelligent and interactive. They do need to be well socialized or they may become aggressive and one-person birds. And even though they are more independent than some other species of birds, they do require a lot of time and interaction. Like many parrots, Alexandrines are prone to feather plucking and aggression if not given the proper amount of attention.

Alexandrines also love to chew and play in the water. Their favorite chew toy is wood and they love to take baths. So, you may need to plan on replacing toys often and making sure your Alexandrine doesn’t chew your furniture.


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